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about me

Everything. Everything you see has been touched by a designer in some way. Designers look at everything from a fresh perspective. Or, at least, the good ones do. The trick is to not overdo anything. As a graphic designer, my main goal is clear communication. Simple, fresh, focused. 

Whether it's a brand identity, brochure, package or exhibit. The communication needs to be clear. Because good design matters. And I deliver.


Experience can truly shape perspective.

I've had the luxury embracing experiences/life/people all over the country. A midwestern girl at heart, born in Toledo, OH, educated in Cincinnati. I moved to the big-city of Chicago and opened my mind! After several years there, I settled in Orange County, California to experience the paradise there. Not to be outdone with history and culture, the East coast called with opportunities in Washington DC. Now, my Midwestern roots called me back to Michigan, where I happily reside in Metro Detroit.


Sarah Demsey
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