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It's a big wide world.

Much of what we create as graphic designers is stuff that tons of people won’t know was made by anyone — it’s ubiquitous. We can change the world for the better by making the complicated simple and finding beauty in that.


Featured Projects

GP18_program cover.jpg
Grand Prixmiere 2018

General Motors sponsored this high adreniline event, raising over $1 million to benefit the Belle Isle Conservatory.

Wolf Wilderness.jpg
compass rose.corner.jpg
Baltimore Trailhead

To introduce visitors to Baltimore’s

busy Inner Harbor to the plethora of

interprtive trails available nearby and explaing the rich history that is Baltore.

Cotton Family
Wolf Wilderness

A 2-acre naturalistic habitat at the Detroit Zoo, featuring grassy hills, a flowing stream, dens and rock outcroppings from which wolves can survey their surroundings and Zoo visitors.

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